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  •     With the quality philosophy of “doing things right in the first time”, Ragentek gives full consideration prior to action and then acts efficiently, focusing on assuring product quality and shortening delivery cycle. Ragentek’s working habit is “to continually make improvement and progress through review and summary”, constantly improving the working process and promoting the work to a new level by summing up experience and lessons.
        Ragentek has perfect quality management systems and it has passed the certifications of electronic industry management systems including ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and TL-9000, which cover systematic quality control and management systems in the whole process of product development design, supplier selection, material procurement, production process inspection, product inspection and after-sales service, etc.

        Product certification system:  In accordance with the relevant quality standards of Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and other major importing countries, Ragentek  formulate detailed product standards. In order to meet the safety certification requirements of importing countries on electronic products, the preparatory work for the certification of all the products of Ragentek  is completed at the  stage of design and R&D. The FCC certification of Americas, the CE, ROHS and GCF certification of  European Union as well as the SAR test required by America and other countries were respectively passed to meet all customer countries’ requirements for product quality certification.
         Perfect quality management system: Ragentek  has a strong quality management team with more than 100 people  and it has set up a strict quality management organization for providing overseas customers with product development, after-sales services and other  systematic and strict quality prevention,  assurance, control and management.

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     Test laboratory I

    High and low temperature alternating temperature humidity test chamber/ Sand dust test chamber

    Thermal shock test chamber