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  • Ragentek prospers by hiringhigh potential talents
         Ragentek has been adhering to the concept that “talents are the foundation for enterprise development”. The rapid and stable development of  Ragentek since its inception has fully proved  that  this concept is correct. For the purpose of promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise, We select and hire the most suitable talents by enterprise strategic. With the values of “integrity, initiative and innovation” and the talent management concepts of “enterprising spirit, responsibility and ambition for a career”, We motivate employees to create a wonderful future together!
    Selection of talents:Integrity and ability 
         When (weselect a talent, werequirehe / sheto have both a good character and professional competence. “Professional competence”is a basic requirement for becoming an employee of Ragentek. However, “integrity” is a mandatory requirement. The talents who have both a good character and professional competence are the important foundation for the enterprise to maintain a good momentum of development in the industry.
    Employment of talents: Meritocracy
         Ragentek provides an open talent competition environment. Employees can give full play to their own personal ability at their own positions , promoting the value of their own positions. The employees who have outstanding performance at their own positions are awarded the honorary title of “quarterly stars”, the prize for hard-working employees, the prize for annual excellent employees and the prize for enterprising employees, etc. If an employee enhances his competence to meet the requirements of a higher position, he will be provided with a higher platform for realizing his own self-worth.
    Cultivation of talents: Growing up together
         According to the reality of Ragentek  and  development situation ofits employees, Ragentek providesthemwith a  multi-level training system integrating with on-job training, off-job training and self development. By combining the trainings at  the corporate level and the business unit level, wefully develops the business ability of employees and enhances their overall ability. Ragentek  attaches importance to developing both business quality and professional quality to fully develop the overall professional competence of employees.
    1、Talent viewpoint of Ragentek

    2、Double channels for talent development
           For the purpose of optimizing the allocation of human resources and providing employees with suitable career development channels, according to the characteristics of talents, Ragentek has established the double-channel mechanism for talent development -- the channels for the development of both management talents and professional technical talents. 
           After an employee takes work in Ragentek, according to his characteristics and intentions, if he is a professional technical talent, Ragentek will provide him with various practicing opportunities to enhance his expertise in his position so that he can develop from a junior professional into an intermediate and advanced  professional and even an authority within Ragentek. For an employee with potential management talent, Ragentek will, according to his different development stages, through management practices, training and other ways, help him to enhance his ability so that he can develop from an intermediate employee into a  primary manager, an intermediate manager and a senior manager.
           The double channels for talent development can better bring the potential of various talents into full play, provide employees with bigger platforms for the development and creation of employees, and prepare a large number of reserve talents in a timely manner for the development of Ragentek.