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  •       Ragentek has two major production bases, respectively located in Huizhou, Guangdong province, and Guiyang, Guizhou Province. Both based are located within independent communication industrial parks. The factory area of the two bases is over 200,000 square meters.
    1、 Huizhou production base
          Founded at the end of 2011, Ragentek (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd is the OEM manufacturing center of  Ragentek Technology Holdings Group. It was relocated to Mobile Intelligent Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the “Park”,  with a factory area of over 13,200 square meters. The Park is located in No. 8 Yuanhui Road, Guantian Village, Chenjiang Sub-district Office, Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City.  Guantian Industrial Zone where the Park is located is an industrial park built by the government as a priority.
         Chenjiang Sub-district Office, where the Park is located, 12 kilometers from Huizhou City, 66 kilometers  from Shenzhen in the south, 45 kilometers from Daya Bay (Huizhou Port) in the southeast, 30 kilometers from Dongguan Zhangmutou  in the west, and 135  kilometers from Guangzhou. Beijing-Kowloon Railway and several highways including Huizhou-Heyuan Highway, Huizhou-Shenzhen Highway, Huizhou-Dongguan Highway and Huizhou-Guangzhou pass through the territory of Chenjiang. Dongguan-Huizhou Inter-city Light Rail passes through Chengjian and a loading /unloading station will be built there. It is being constructed with intensive efforts and it is expected to open to traffic in 2016.
        Ragentek (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in the OEM manufacturing of PCB SMT and assembly, with a total of more than 1,500 employees, including indirect manpower  of more than 200 people.PCBA is deployed with 12  test lines and 12 SMT  lines, with an annual production capacity of 18KK sets. The complete machine is deployed with  12 assembly lines and 5 packaging lines, the annual production capacity of which will exceed 7KK sets.

    Huizhou production base

    Huizhou Office Reception Desk

    2、Guiyang production base 
           Western Green Orange is located in Guian New Area in Guiyang City, a national level development zone. Currently, it has 20,000 square meters of factory building. On the 1st floor (1F), there are 10,000 square meters of warehouse (interlayer), including 300 square meters of constant temperature and humidity room; on the 2nd floor (2F), there are 5,000  square meters of decorated cleaning workshop, which is used for SMT and test. The workshop can accommodate 10 SMT lines and corresponding test lines. It is expected to be put into use at the end of 2015; on the 3rd floor (3F), there are 5,000  square meters of cleaning workshop, which is used for assembly workshop. The workshop can accommodate twenty 20-meter assembly lines, 10 of which has currently been put into production; on the 4th floor  (4F), there are 2,500  square meters of packaging workshop. The workshop can accommodate ten 20-meter assembly lines, 5 of which has currently been put into production; besides, there are 2,500  square meters of comprehensive office area on the 4th floor (4F).

    Gui’an production base

    New product exhibition I

    New product exhibition II

    3、Advanced production lines

    Production line I

     Production line II

    Production line III